Great Radio Shout-Out!

October 19, 2019

At Stovers Liquidation today serving from the Knox Vittles Food Truck . Got a great plug from radio station 100.3 The Wolf. Thanks y’all! #knoxvittlesfoodtruck #stoverliquidation @knoxvillewolf @KnoxVittlesFoodTruck @FoodTruckTN

Knox Vittles – Knox Vittles is a Knoxville, Tennessee based Mobile Food Unit (MFU). It is the creation of Cha-Cha (Chasity) Shelby; which came to life as a truly, “Southern Comfort” MFU. After two years of personally learning to build a Food Truck, she accomplished her goal in July of 2019; the one and only, Knox Vittles was born. The MFU is currently housed in a 2004 Dodge Sprinter with…