History of the making of Knox Vittles MFU

September 23, 2019

Knox Vittles – Knox Vittles is a Knoxville, Tennessee based Mobile Food Unit (MFU). It is the creation of Cha-Cha (Chasity) Shelby; which came to life as a truly, “Southern Comfort” MFU. After two years of personally learning to build a Food Truck, she accomplished her goal in July of 2019; the one and only, Knox Vittles was born. The MFU is currently housed in a 2004 Dodge Sprinter with a vinyl wrap with the look of weathered barn wood. Many younger patrons question, “what is a vital?” Cha-Cha, being the Southern Belle she portrays, says, “Why, a vittle is merely a southern word for good food!” Hence Knox Vittles is… Good food in Knoxville, Tennessee! #Localfoodtruck #KnoxvilleTennessee #FoodtrucksinKnoxville #Catering


Hey Knoxville

Hi! My name is Cha-Cha Shelby, owner of the Knox Vittles Food Truck. I am very excited about our new adventure, and I would like to invite you to try the very best "Southern Comfort Food" you'll find, since going to Mamaw's house! The food truck is now available for events, catering, weddings, and more! I hope to see you soon Knoxville!

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